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Keys to a Long Lasting Scent

It is very important to properly apply fragrances in order to prolong their longevity throughout the day. The following are the best steps to follow:

  1. The Pulse Points – Pulse points are body areas in which blood vessels are located closest to the skin. These areas emit body heat, which allow fragrances to better extend into the air. Pulse points are located at the wrists, base of the neck, behind the ears, behind the knees, and the inner elbows.
  2. How to apply perfume – Spray your fragrance directly to one or more of the pulse points. It is very important to avoid rubbing your wrists or other pulse points. This will “crush” the fragrance notes, causing the scent to lose its true essence. You can also lightly spritz freshly washed hair for an enhanced scent.
  3. Extending fragrance longevity – One key way to extend a scent throughout the day is to first apply a body lotion/moisturizer. Fragrances fade away more quickly if the skin is dry. Petroleum jelly can also be very helpful. Apply a thin layer to the skin, followed by your fragrance. The droplets of perfume will bind to the petroleum jelly. This prevents the fragrance from sinking into your pores and wearing off faster. Another effective tip is to layer soap, lotion, and perfume of the same scent. This aids in maintaining a fragrance’s fullness.

We hope these key points help you get the best out of your favorite fragrance. Visit us in person if you need help selecting a new signature scent. Our knowledgeable fragrance specialists are here to help!