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The Key to Hydration: Skincare 101

Soft skin is highly sought after year round. The following are key tips to rejuvenate your skin’s appearance:

  1. Exfoliate – Using a body scrub removes dead skin cells around hair follicles. This can drastically reduce the appearance of rough, bumpy skin. We recommend AHAVA’s softening butter salt scrub ($26). This amazing scrub transforms into a luxuriating lotion as it exfoliates.
  2. Preventing chapped hands – Repeatedly washing hands with soap and water sucks out your skin’s moisture. AHAVA’s moisturizing salt soap ($11) and purifying mud soap ($11) are soapless alternatives that help balance your skin’s pH level. Michel Design Works' foaming hand soaps ($14) are infused with shea butter, and moisturize as they cleanse. Be sure to immediately follow up with a moisturizing hand lotion. Caswell Massey's rosewater and glycerine hand creme ($16) is ideal.
  3. Gloves – Gloves allow lotion and hand cream to quickly soak into the skin. They help trap moisture and help soften the skin. One hour of use can make a great difference.
  4. Milk does the skin good – Products with lactic acid are great for the skin. They not only moisturize the skin, but they also naturally exfoliate. Archipelago’s MILK oat lotion ($30) works wonders.
  5. Layer, layer, layer – Start with a rich bath/body oil. Kneipp’s almond blossom body oil ($23) is ideal. This leaves a nice, creamy film on the skin. Immediately follow with a rich lotion to help seal in the moisture.
  6. Treat your feet – Before bed, soak feet in a basin of warm water and salts. Kneipp's foot crystals ($23) are perfect. Next, buff your feet with a scrub or pumice stone. Archipelago's foot scrub ($21) is perfect for the job. After you dry your feet, apply a rich foot balm. We highly recommend AHAVA’s dermud intensive foot cream ($29). Wear socks overnight for best results.

We hope these tips help your skin be the best it can be! Visit us in person for one on one assistance from our knowledgeable staff. We hope to see you soon.